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Few days ago (August 14th), Damini Ogulu better known as Burna Boy, a self acclaimed “African Giant” moved on to become Twice as Tall with his album (named Twice as Tall) and the world is listening with full attention.
But before now, Burna boy had amazing year in 2019 after dropping the African Giant” album. An album that ushered his way into the global domination of Afrobeats and it’s push to a solid global acceptance.
With several notable awards and a grammy nomination to himself, Burna boy went back to the drawing board, did his assignments and came back with his fourth studio album titled Twice as Tall. Twice as Tall is credited to be executively produced by Music mogul Pdiddy, Bose Ogulu and Burna boy himself.
Guys!! Here’s a personal detailed review of Twice as Tall album by Burna boy.

1. Level Up (Twice As Tall)
This is the first song on the album. And it’s the best song and feel to start the album with. It tells a story of pain, hardwork and success at the end.
The Senegalese music legend, Yussou N Doourr did justice to the song too. Having him was a brilliant decision by Burna boy’s team, his voice added an addictive “accient African paparazzi” to it. Lovely. 8/10.

2. Alarm Clock.
On this song, P Diddy opened the floor with his vocals, briefly talking about black love. Burna sang about us waking up and facing our hustle with gratitude in our hearts. The sound is enough to make you bop your head and vibe a little before it ends (cos it’s a short one). 5/10.

3. Way too Big.
Way too big is a fast up tempoed song with alot of metal/techno sounds to it. On this song, Burna boy tells the world that he’s way too big to be scared or limited. The sound is heavy. I believe this song is targeted at the foreign audience ( e.g UK), our naija people no too dey vibe this kind of sound. Great tho. 7/10.

4. Bebo
Almost have way into the album, Burna boy deemed it fit to add some zanku to it. Bebo turned out to be the song for it. Produced by Rexxie pon da beat (Zanku originator), the song is one the street can relate to. Simple lyrics too. 6/10.

5. Onyeka.
Right from the moment I heard the intro of this song, I felt the old African vibes the earlier generational artistes gave us and it’s worth to say that, its just beautiful. Onyeka is a diffrent tune where Burna talks about his love for his girl and how he sees her as his own Onyeka Onwendu.
The Telz produced song will do well at Owambe parties and every “cool” spots in Nigeria. 7/10.

6. Naughty by Nature.
“I no be politician, I no like politics, I’m just naughty by nature” Burna sings on this song. Naughty by nature is a good song, nothing extraordinary tho. The featured artiste, Naughty by Nature brings an old school vibe to it. This is more like an album filler to me, might be the best to someone else. 6/10.

7. Wonderful.
Do I need to talk about this? Well Wonderful is the debut song from the Twice as Tall album and it’s amazing. Great song supported with a clean video that depicts African culture to the outside world. 8/10.
Rexxie pon da beat again! “This is for all my comma babes mehn, comma way eh!!” Burna boy starts on the song.
Comma is for the streets, a place where Burna boy connects to. The streets love to zanku and Burna boy is always ready to give it to them. Good song. 6/10.

8. No fit vex.
Ladies and gentlemen, Leriq & Burna boy did magic on this tune. No fit vex will cut deep into the soul of anyone who knows how the struggle of life is.
“Life e no easy my brother, you dey find your own, I dey fine my own’ Burna boy sings on the mid tempo tune. Try not to shed a year when listening to this.
9/10 for me.

9. 23.
This without a doubt is my favourite on the album. Master piece of art if you ask me. 23 is one that cuts deep into the soul. The sound is clean and well laced with Burnah’s vocals.
23 talks about overcoming challenges and in-depth passion for music. “Woro si Woro”. This one slaps hard. 9/10.

10. Time flies.
When you have the amazing group called Sauti soul on a song, expect nothing but greatness. Time flies ft Sauti soul brings the whole of Africa together on one song with a soulful touch to it. It would be nice to get a cheographed video to this one, with lots of costumes on the faces of beautiful people. Great! 8/10. And yes! The message at end of the song is clear.
Monsters you made.
Revolution is the first thing I think about listening to this. On this tune, Burna poured out his pain and anger toward how bad leaders deprives the masses of a good life with basic amenities.
With the help of Coldplay’s Chris Martin on the chorus, Monsters you made drives a clear message to the world about the realities of African politics. 7/10.

11. Wetin Dey sup.
This is a bop tune you can vibe to with your hommies. To the left, to the right, Wetyn dey sup will get you going. Nothing serious on this one, just cruise and Burna boy vibes. Feels like an album filler but a good one. Pdiddy’s voice on this one again? Ok. (6/10)

12. Real life (ft Stormzy).
I will let you to you guys do this song review yourself. Just tell me what you feel about it. (Awaiting ratings)
Bank on it.
Last but not the least on the album.
Burna boy went on a soulful journey with this song. “You can bank on it, put a hundred grand on it… Anything I say I stand on it” Burna chorused.
A laid back way to bring the album to an end. After all is said and done, Burna boy is telling you that you can bank on him anyday, anytime, cos he’s now Twice as Tall. (6/10)

Greatness!! (Twice as Tall rated 8/10)

Written by Daniel Scott Eleh. (instagram/Twitter: @_daniellscott) #RMC

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