[MUST READ] Mr Event planner, Its A Listening Party, Let us listen

Mr Event planner, Its called a Listening Party…Please Let’s listen to the Artistes SONG and Review it…


Event planners are doing a great JOB and I appreciate them.. In a Music Industry with enormous population, Low Funds from Sponsors and absence of STRUCTURES…Great planners like Zapphiaire Events, 2706 Events..etc who have been in the game for more than a decade..have seen High and Lows…all these have shaped them to STAND OUT and stick to QUALITY..



Now, Before I continue, let me confess, I am not an Event planner…though I am learning towards that direction.. So I might not even know much about this “Event Planning” of a thing..But I have done my assignments from Attending enough events..



Event should have a goal and the planners should stick to it.. I was at a FAST rising Artiste Listening Party in Mushin, Lagos..It was hosted in a Buzzing Club and all hope was so HIGH for it to be well PLANNED..

So i got there, I stepped in and exchange greetings with entertainers..


At first, me and my team was enjoying the PARTY..The music was loud, atmospheres was chilly, Girls all around.. And damn, The Mc was freestyling to a Zanku beats.. So yeah, Everything was Getting Litty..


The LISTENING PARTY started around 9pm….Honestly, I ddn’t know much of the artistes Music, so I and my friends was keen to Listen.. We have grooved for hours to Songs from Moniglish, Mr Benson,Lil Frosh and all the

Zanku to Shaky Shaky artistes I can think of… So can we now LISTEN to the Song and watch the Video???? I puzzled..


But NO!


It was getting towards 1am and all I could see happening was people dancing 🕺🏻and other FAST rising Artistes performing their songs too..🎙bAt this point, I begin to fear for the Artiste who was hosting US..The party might be Buzzing and sure the Club owners might be HAPPY but the essence of the PARTY is about to FAIL..😐🙄



It got to 2am and very Little was done to ensure that the Artiste songs was pushed and REVIEWED  💁🏽‍♂by entertainers in the building..I honestly dont know what was happening anymore…🎷🎤


This is where his Manager or Mr Event planner should have come I’m..But no, they didn’t..😀



The MC prides himself in the fact people were enjoying his jokes and Lamba..plus he was too concerned also about getting his own” people to PERFORM.. So what am I saying?💁🏽‍♂



Mr Event planner,💥 make sure the Acts stick to the Script/Purpose of the Event..Monitor the Mc, Keep tabs on the Dj 💽🎚…Don’t hesitate to Remind the Artise why he’s hosting us…It will keep the Event on track.. 📺 and finally, don’t just do what we want, do what is BEST for US and then celebrant.. Purpose!🙏🏼



I am Daniel Scott Eleh.. A great Asset to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry..Don’t hesistate to tell me what you think (@_daniellscott @RaymistMgtCompany)


#RaymistManagementCompany 🏢

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