Nigerian Movies Are The Reason Lagos Is Over Populated (See This & Drop Your Comments)

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Twitter is something else, you will see some Tweets and you feel like laughing off your head.

Truth be told, this is nothing but the Gospel truth 😂😂

See this Tweet below:-

If you are very much familiar with Nigerian movies, you will understand this Tweet better.

In Nigerian movies, you will see a young boy from the village move to Lagos and in less than 6 months, him don buyRange, Benz, Porsche and everything is looking fresh.

Na so e easy reach?

This thing has really affected those who truly lives in the Village, they all see Lagos as a place where you can pick money on the floor every now and then.

Take it or leave, Nigerian movies is one of the factors that has affected Lagos population and also increases the Crime rate.

You can be in other states and be doing better than those in Lagos.

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