Rema & Don Jazzy By Raymist Management Company

Don jazzy finished work on Rema…💥 and Left Nigerians with no choice than to LOVE the new STAR BOY of Mavin Records..📺



Last night I was discussing with an artiste who happens to also be a friend, “Guy Don jazzy finished work for that boy body” I said..he smiled and responded ” Well me I just like his style, some sort of India..just different Sha.. “…Exactly! I replied..


Now Rema is no doubt talented and very YOUNG 🔥.. As a teenager he has time on his side to craft his ART into something HUGE..and more so, he as enough time to make MISTAKES and learn quickly form it.. But ladies and gentlemen, this Values are Just Tips of the ICE BERG..💪🏼


Don Jazzy and his TEAM did something GREAT with REMA..🎸🎷 They started from his Look… 😎 Rema doesn’t look like your average artiste with idiotic dreads and style.. 💁🏽‍♂ No! Rema as a Rock star look..with his dangling earrings.. Chains..and hairstyle.. He looks perfectly like a Rock star.. Did you also notice the way he dresses? Rockstar Like..🤩


Rema dresses different.👕 I personally think he looks like a young mafia..with the bright colours, strappy shirts, the mysterious Spiderman facemask and all…Bro! All these were perfectly planned.. *Claps 👍🏼👍🏼



They didn’t stop there. His SOUND is different..🎸🎷🎼🎤 His Most commercial HIT “Dumebi which was playful…still contained different tunes..Listen to Remas song.. From Dumebi, Iron man, why, Boulevard, American Love..Trap out the..let me just stop here..✋🏼 All his songs has a REMA TUNE in it..go listen if you don’t understand..mehn, I’m proud of His producers too..🎙🎚


I’m not just

a FAN of Rema but of MAvin because as a Music enthusiast I know how much work goes into all this..


Now to cap it all up, Don Jazzy and his Team knows what BRANDING is all they made sure Rema isn’t just another YOUNG star trying to FIT in..nope!..They gave him Freedom to be a Kid that he is.. If you follow him on socials, you would see the buzzing teenage spirit in his personality 👱🏻 captivating he is to young VIEWERs 😀📺 and even the ADULTs who secretly wished they were him when they were at that AGE..


So Dear Artistes, this isn’t just to appreciate Mavin or Rema alone..this is for you to learn..A lot goes into this MUSIC game…Brand yourself,find your SOUNd, Get on platforms..Be DIFFERENT and don’t ever forget the G factor..God Almighty!! Your time will come..



I am Daniel Scott Eleh, A great Asset to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.. Don’t hesitate to follow me (@_daniellscott) #RaymistManagementCompany

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