Upcoming Indigenous Rappers Might Never Make It In The Nigerian Music Industry – HERE’S WHY

The Nigerian music industry has not been a very conducive place for many talented upcoming indigenous rappers and now we know why it’s so.

You’ll say but we’ve seen indigenous rappers that have blown up? Yes, we have numbers of them, but they represent a very low percentile of the total indigenous rappers that we have.

A Music-conscious writer called Fuad made a quick run on the constraintive factors that’s keeping Indigenous upcoming rappers from not making it.

Below are the 5 key factors;

1. Poor Management Or Record Labels

Most indigenous rappers are very talented but also grew up on the street which makes them have little or no access to good management.

This is as a result of certain factors like ignorance, illiteracy thinking they might be cheated which causes most of them to later regret this action.

2. They Stop Hardcore Rap After Little Recognition

You’d rarely see an indigenous rapper without a “Sing Rap” when they come out as upcoming artiste that’s when you see the real hustle especially if they do short video clips using Instagram (We all feel that Vibe).

Then after little success, they tend to forget their hustle with hard work and release a street anthem thinking fans really want that, in most cases, this street anthem comes with dance steps, slangs e.t.c but when all these mentioned above fades, they fade away also.

3. Rap Isn’t Recognized Anymore In Nigeria

We have many indigenous rappers everywhere, sometimes if I get to watch “NL Fire On The Mic” I feel pained and say to myself why are these young talents not making waves?

Let’s take a look at Pelepele (R.I.P) who was said to have committed suicide cause of 10years of hard work which led to nothing, I remembered his freestyle on Olamide’s “Who You Epp” Oh my God!! It was dope.

Rappers such as KabexOtegaMr GbafunStarlekzyYungtizzyTRODCandybleakzHotkidfireKush KanaLil Frosh, Jaido P and many more prefer to do sing rap, not because of the fame but they tend to see hardcore rap as a waste of time after much hard work in the studio.

4. Fans Want More Of English

it’s sad how we Nigerians don’t appreciate the pure culture and prefer the foreign sounds.

Over a decade we’ve seen rappers who drop dope bars in English like Naeto CVectorMode9ineAQDremoYceeBlaqbonezPayper, e.t.c .

Fans seem to love them and ignore our very own indigenous rappers forgetting we had a legend (Dagrin) who paved way for indigenous acts such as Reminisce, OlamidePhynoSerikiCDQand many more.

5. Too Many Talents

it’s true the sky is big enough to accommodate different stars, we all see indigenous upcoming acts doing their stuff and killing it be it on Instagram or YouTube.

Every one of them would claim to be best even though we can’t really judge putting them at competitions and striving to all reach the top.

If every upcoming indigenous rapper can tackle this, then the breakthrough is definitely certain for him/her.

Written by:- Fuad Ashiru Olasunkanmi

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